ASY-(SNF\FF)-GA Series Spherical Near-Field Far-Field Measurement Systems

ASY-(SNF\FF)-GA Series Spherical Near-Field Far-Field Measurement Systems

ASYSOL Gantry Arm Systems feature high-precision, backlash free EL-positioners. They comprise a lightweight arm structure with ultra-high rigidity and are available in radius sizes from 0.5m to 6m. The probe AUT distance is automatically compensated to maintain a constant radius.

ASYSOL utilises industry standard brushless motors with distributed driver electronics and real-time control, delivering results of the highest speed and shortest acquisition time. The system comprises of RF connectors, rotary joints and internal RF wiring as standard.
The ‘Plug-and-Play’ concept makes for a user-friendly experience. ASYSOL provides on-site installation with laser alignment of the azimuth rotator. The ASY-GA Series is supplied
with a test and calibration report, user manuals and documentation.


Key Features


  • Wireless and automotive test measurements


  • Dual-channel RF wiring and rotary joints
  • High accuracy options with 0.005º accuracy
  • Custom slip-ring and rotary joint options including fluidic slip-rings
  • Large, custom turntables including a dynamometer option
  • Integrated slide and lift options
  • Styrofoam columns for low-scatter AUT support
  • Ground-plane options including underground storage of large gantry arms
  • Custom AUT handling options, including rail-based or air-cushion based trolleys

Application Notes