29130 / 29132 / 29133 / 29135 LCM ATS

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Chroma Automatic Test systems U.K

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The Chroma 29130/29132/29133/29135 LCM Automatic Test System (ATS) which is structured in a computer based system with powerful on-line network functions and easy-to-use interfaces is designed to fulfil the key requirements of LCM tests and the production line management efficiency.

By integrating the video generator, multi-channel precision power supply and process control unit, the LCM ATS is capable of providing complete test solutions for LCM signals, patterns and electricity.

The test programs performed by LCM ATS tasks can be edited by the embedded test editor. The mouse and remote keypads used by the test program editor give the production line a most complete and convenient test mode to expedite the productivity.

Key Features

  • For full HD measurement (29132/29133/29135)
  • True Colour computer base LCM Testing
  • LVDS/TTL(OPT)/TMDS signals support (29130 LVDS 8 bit only)
  • Display Up to WUXGA @ 60Hz
  • Precise programmable DC source
  • Extension Power control (option)
  • Power protection OVP/OCP/UVP/UCP
  • Voltage/Current measurement
  • GO/NOGO fast measurement
  • Easy for Timing/Pattern/Program editing
  • Unlimited Timing/Pattern/Program storage
  • EDID read/write/compare
  • LCM failure code editing & record
  • Cross Mark for cell checking
  • JPG/BMP/AVI/MPEG file support
  • Keypad operation
  • Special I/O
  • Network management function (option)
  • Production line process control and data collection

Application Notes