27011 LCM Tester

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The Chroma 27011 integrates the signal and power source to provide a complete test solution for LCD Modules.

Its LVDS / TTL signal source fully complies with the digital signal standard, meanwhile with the 12V/5V/3.3V DC source output it is able to supply power to DD/Backlight for LCM tests without obtaining an external power source.

Equipped with the interface of single key to switch the timing/pattern/program rapidly for test in auto or manual mode, the 27011 is able to provide a direct and convenient test environment for LCM by its complete hardware configuration and simple operation.

Key Features

  • LVDS / TTL (Optional) / TMDS (Optional) output
  • Pixel rate up to 162 MHz (LVDS x 2 Link)
  • Display size up to UXGA (1600 x 1200)
  • 16 timings selecting and editing
  • 64 patterns library (32 sets by editing)
  • 16 programs (total 3553 sequence)
  • 12V / 5V output for backlight
  • 12V / 5V / 3.3V output for Vdd
  • Power on sequence for signal / Vdd
  • Up / down load function
  • Timing / Pattern Auto / Manual Run

Application Notes