11800 / 11801 / 11810 Ripple Current Tester

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The Chroma 11800 / 11801 / 11810 Ripple Current Tester is a precision tester designed for electrolytic capacitors load life testing.

It provides a constant ripple current output and constant peak voltage (Vpeak = Vdc + Vac_peak) output, digital control function.

Load life testing for electrolytic capacitors becomes easier and more reliable and the Chroma 11800/11801 uses an excellent output amplifier design technology to reduce power consumption and internal temperature rises. The 11800/11801 is the perfect test solution for electrolytic capacitor quality evaluation.

For long term testing requirements, it can reduce electricity costs and perform high stability tests.

Key Features

  • Digital constant current output and constant peak voltage output control function
  • Four terminal contact test jig design, ensures accurate monitoring of voltage drops on capacitors under test (patent pending)
  • Paired copper-foil wiring test cable to reduce voltage drop on the current driving loop and to ensure accurate monitoring of ac level (patent pending)
  • 0-500 V DC bias voltage source, 0.3% basic accuracy
  • 0.01-30A, 100Hz/120Hz/400Hz/1kHz AC ripple current source, (±0.5% reading+0.1% of range) basic accuracy (Model 11800)
  • 0.01-10A, 20kHz-100kHz AC ripple current source, 2% basic accuracy (Model 11801)
  • Monitoring software (option) for multiple Ripple Current Testers
  • Large LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix)
  • Standard RS485 interface is provided for computer monitoring
  • Optional 20-fixtures Series or Parallel test jigs

Application Notes