Solutions For Any Application

We cover a large number of Applications and Markets, providing Test Equipment & Facilities to organisations and institutions around the UK and Ireland. Explore some of our Key Markets Here.

Automotive, EV & Motor Testing

Whilst we cover an extremely broad range of capabilities spanning many applications, we have a very strong track-record within the automotive sector providing a range of test solutions for Electric Vehicles, ranging from battery (cell, module and pack level), EV charger and EV Motor Measurement providing solutions from market leaders like Hioki & Chroma.

We provide test solutions covering the following applications:

EMC Testing

EMC Test Solutions are one of our core lines, and we have delivered hundreds of comprehensive solutions over the years.

  • Pre-compliance
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Conducted Emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted RF
  • Surge Immunity
  • Immunity to ESD – Electrostatic Discharge
  • Immunity to EFTB – Electrical Fast Transient / Burst
  • Immunity to Magnetic Fields
  • Compliance Assessments

Our partners are market leaders for their respective products, providing solutions across a huge array of applications such as: EMC, Wireless, RF & Microwave Testing, Research & Development, Hybrid Vehicles and Product Testing.