TOE 7610 Broadband Amplifier

TOE 7610 Broadband Amplifier

General Power supplies for laboratory use are mostly only power sources. They are only able to deliver power with one single polarity, i.e. these instruments only work in one quadrant of the output voltage/ current diagram. Common amplifiers deliver voltages with both priorities, but are generally unable to absorb power values in a range comparable to that which they are able to deliver. They therefore mainly work as two-quadrant devices. TOE 7610 series of four-quadrant amplifiers is able to work as a power sink as well as a power source with equal values of delivered or absorbed power. The TOE 7610 series is thus a voltage amplifier, bipolar voltage and current source, and current sink in one instrument. Power Manager A selectable Power Manager enables the maximum output power Pmax. to also be processed as a continuous sink power. Numerous setting options of the 4-quadrant amplifier allow optimum connection of the amplifier with the series connected driving equipment, whether this is a laboratory power supply, a calibrator, a function generator or a signal source from a PC in the form of a D/A converter card. Selectable input impedance The input impedance can be switched between 50 Ohm and 100 kOhm and allows convenient selection of a function generator to be controlled and a signal source in the form of a D/A card in the PC without the need for external adaptation. Selectable input voltage range The adjustable input voltage range allows switching between an input voltage of ±5 V or ±10 V. Therefore no further external adaptation of the control voltage is necessary. Brief load current All 4-quadrant amplifiers of the TOE 7610 series can be equipped with the TOE 7610/103 option. They are then able to deliver three times the rated current for approx. 3 ms. Output ON/OFF A convenient detail of the functionality is the output switch-off which allows immediate switching-off of the voltage and current when in the “Output OFF“ position.

Key Features

  • 150 W source and sink power
  • Brief load current 3 x Irated – Analogue control input 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V
  • ½ 19“ width, 3 HU parallel installation possible- Slew (rise) rate approx. 6 V/μs to 25 V/μs (depends on model)
  • Sensing
  • Output at front, optional at rear
  • Optimally suitable for electrical noise testing of components against vehicle electrics ripple

Application Notes



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