11300 Bias Current Test System

11300 Bias Current Test System

The Chroma 11300 bias current test system is an integration test system of LCR Meter and Bias Current Source.

It consists of Chroma 3252/3302 series Automatic Component Analyser and Chroma 1320 series Bias Current Source. The Chroma 1320 series bias current source output can be controlled by Chroma 3252/3302 LCR meter directly. The bias current output capacity can be selected up to 100A to satisfy various testing in R&D, QC, QA, and production applications.

This system is designed for large DC current testing, up to 100A. The connector between bias current sources is low ESR (<10m ohm) design to reduce heat effect and get more accurate measurement result. The multi-function four terminal test- fixture supports various DUT, including SMD DUT and DIP ring core DUT.

This system provides power choke characteristic sweep graph analysis through Windows® base software or sweep function of the meter. The bias current scan triggered automatically or manually can analyse the iron core characteristics in inductor for quality inspection and product feature analysis.


Key Features

  • High efficiency, forward / reverse current switching capability and sweep function
  • High stability, frequency response from 20Hz to 1MHz
  • High accuracy, 3% output current accuracy
  • Expansion capabilities, up to 100A
  • Vertical design, easy to maintain
  • Flexible modular test system
  • Multi-channel intakes in the front panel of rack and multi-fans exhausts in the back of rack
  • Multi-function four terminal test fixture
  • Low ESR (< 10m ohm) design for connectors between bias current sources
  • Windows® based software

Application Notes



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