Raditeq RadiCentre® Slim | 1 Slots

Raditeq RadiCentre® Slim | 1 Slots

CTR1001S | Single Slot Modular EMC Test System

The single slot RadiCentre® designed for one Raditeq plug-in card.


  • Number of Slots: 1
  • Model type: Desktop
  • Interface: USB, RS232
  • Cables inputs: USB cable, AC/DC Adapter
  • Interlock system: hree-way interlock plug to safely system disables Interlock & Interlocked laser outputs when triggered. For further technical specifications, please refer to datasheet

RadiCentre Pro + GPIB Including:

  • RadiCentre Slim
  • AC/DC Power Adapter
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Three-way Interlock plug

Raditeq Plug-in Cards:

  • RadiSense The LASER powered range of EM Field Sensors (range up to 40GHz)
  • RadiField Integrated EMC Immunity Test Solution 1 to 18 GHz
  • RadiPower The range of power meters up to 18 GHz for EMC applications
  • RadiGen The range of RF signal generators up to 6 GHz for EMC applications
  • RadiSwitch To switch one slot Plug-in Cards
  • RadiCoupler® Coupling Decoupling Networks


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Key Features


To cover both single instrument applications as well as small or large EMC test systems the RadiCentre®
mainframe is available as an one-slot (CTR1001S), four-slot (CTR1004B) or nine-slot versions (CTR1009B). Each slot can
be configured at the user’s choice with different plug-in cards, allowing any combination of cards.

Space effective

Where in general controllers, probes, switches and other equipment take one or more units in a 19-inch
cabinet, the RadiCentre® systems allow for combining up to seven devices in just three units height (3U). The RadiCentre
is available as a desktop and 19-inch rack mountable unit. This has either two- or seven configureable plug-in card slots
as two of the slots are reserved for a power supply and PC interface plug-in card.

Easy to use

The system is “Plug and Play”, which means that every plug-in card is automatically recognized, initialized
and ready for use. The user can configure and control the card by means of a TFT touch screen (CTR1009B/CTR1004B) or by software

Software support

The RadiCentre® can be controlled by software through USB. The CTR1009B and CTR1004B
additionally are controllable through LAN and optionally can be controlled by IEEE-488. Beside our RadiMation integral
EMC measurement software, the system can be controlled by all EMC measurement packages, as all software codes to control the unit are available.

Linux Based & Software upgrades

The system is Linux based thus offering great stability and fast start-up times. As
all embedded software is stored in flash, it is easy to upgrade the system with new versions, thus protecting the initial

Application Notes