11802 / 11803 / 11805 / 11890 / 11891 HF AC Tester

11802 / 11803 / 11805 / 11890 / 11891 HF AC Tester

Programmable HF AC Tester Model 11802/11805

HF Hipot Tester Model 11890

HF HV Load Life Tester Model 11891

The Chroma 11802 Series Programmable High Frequency AC Tester is a digitally controlled high frequency AC source platform, it can be combined with a high frequency voltage/current step-up module to provide high voltage/high current.

The 11802 Series output test frequency is 20kHz-200kHz, which covers application frequency ranges for various SMPS, LCD inverter s etc.

The 11802 Series provides digital functions, like a programmable sine-wave output voltage controller to simulate the operating condition for the DUT, and cycle count mode or timer mode for load life tests, etc.

The 11802 Series uses a tracking DC source to enable the output amplifier to reduce power consumption and lower temperature rises. It reduces electricity cost and improves stability for long time testing

The Chroma 11890 is the ideal solution for production line testing of HF HV electronic components withstanding voltage test, such as LCD inverter transformers, ceramic capacitors, cables, PCBs, automatic motor corona discharge inspection and medical equipment high frequency leakage current safety inspection.


Key Features

  • HF HV Load Life Test (CV and CC mode)
  • HF Withstand Voltage Test (CV and CC mode)
  • HF Breakdown Voltage Test (CV mode)
  • Test frequency: 20kHz -200kHz
  • Output voltage and current monitor
  • Programmable output voltage waveform control
  • Cycle count mode or time count mode for load life test timer
  • Lower power consumption and lower temperature rising design
  • Large LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix)
  • Built-in digital timer

Application Notes