DSH-400H DuraSorb™

DSH-400H DuraSorb™

ETS-Lindgren’s DSH-400M DuraSorb™ Polystyrene Hybrid Absorber is the latest evolution of ETS-Lindgren’s low profile, hybrid anechoic absorber technology. It combines the advantages of proven FerroSorb performance with the physical properties of our PS Series absorbers.

DuraSorb is constructed using substrates consisting of rigid, closed cell foams, that are volumetrically and uniformly loaded throughout the absorber. DSH-400M is ideal for MIL-STD-461 chambers.

The DSH-400M provides a smooth transition from free space impedance to the lossy ferrite tile base. As a result of its optimized design, high performance is guaranteed, both at lower frequency bands and frequencies above 1 GHz. It has a reflectivity better than 8 dB from 80 MHz to 250 MHz, and better than 20 dB above 250 MHz. The absorption levels make DuraSorb ideal for testing to MIL-STD-461 standards.

Frequency 80 MHz to >40 GHz
Reflectivity 80 MHz to 250 MHz: 8 dB
250 MHz to 40 GHz: 20 dB
Power Handling (CW) 200 V/m
106 W/m2
0.068 W/in2
Power Handling (Maximum) 600 V/m
954 W/m2
0.0615 W/in2


Key Features

  • 80 MHz to >40 GHz Frequency Range
  • For MIL-STD-461
  • Durable Construction, Precision Installation Design
  • Non-hygroscopic, Fire Resistant


Application Notes