Double Knife Edge™ Door for Industry

Double Knife Edge™ Door for Industry

A New Standard in Knife Edge Door Technology for EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures.

To improve on the quality and performance of the traditional knife edge door, ETS-Lindgren has introduced a heavy duty Double Knife Edge Door (DKE). Built to last, the DKE is constructed of exceptionally rugged materials with designed-in reinforcements.

The ETS-Lindgren DKE Door is suitable for welded enclosures, modular systems and anechoic and ferrite-lined chambers, where the external mechanism makes it ideal for material application on its interior surface. Its high-strength design makes it ideal for heavy industrial environments or for frequent usage requirements.


The DKE maintains 120 dB attenuation to 10 GHz, and 100 dB at 26 GHz. When tested in accordance with MIL-STD 285, the DKE design exceeds the test requirements of NSA 65-6 and CID/09/12A.


Key Features

  • Precision machined aluminium hinges with six thrust bearings for sag-free mounting and smooth operation
  • A two-inch bronze centre bushing, capped with four-inch brass cover plates, penetrating the door leaf core
  • Four rows of beryllium copper finger-stock around the perimeter of RCM receiver
  • Heavy-duty cam latch strikes for three-point latching, guided by precision machined latch bar guides
  • Easy to retrofit with existing door on standard modular and welded shielded enclosures
  • Heavy duty aluminium door handles with opening rotation of less than 120 degrees
  • Warranties cover parts and labour for one year

Application Notes