EMxpert EHX

EMxpert EHX

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EMxpe rt EHX,EHX+ & ERX+ allow board designers to pre-test and resolve EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) design problems in real-time, thus avoiding unexpected EMC compliance test results in anechoic chambers. You get insights about why designs fail, something no anechoic chamber can give you. You don’t need to wait for anechoic chamber time for design iterations or to re-design and test by trial and error. You can now rapidly diagnose even intermittent problems, which may otherwise go undetected when using handheld or automated single probes.

NFC (near-field communication) antenna testing can easily be done on EMxpert in seconds. NFC antenna designers and manufacturers can easily verify that their antenna is operating as expected and validate their antenna’s emission level versus calculated results. EMxpert provides a fast and reliable NFC antenna testing to validate field strength of an NFC antenna at a given distance.

 EMxpert product family is designed to address specific needs of engineers and designers:

  • EHX: High frequency EMC and EMI testing. You can test ultra-high speed (>2GHz) PCBs in real-time on your lab-bench. Scan range: 150 kHz and 8 GHz
  • EHX+: Plug and play high frequency EMC and EMI testing. Built-in spectrum analyzer turns EHX into a plug-and-play test system. Spectrum analyzer is a real-time high-end spectrum analyzer that can process 125 MSample/sec.
  • ERX+: Plug and play high resolution EMC and EMI testing. You can select 60 microns resolution level based on the density of your board design. ERX+ is equipped with a real-time, high-end spectrum analyzer that can process 125 MSample/sec.


Key Features

  • Far-field prediction for regulatory EMC compliance
  • Find, characterize and effectively address unintended emissions and RF current loops
  • Track hard-to-diagnose intermittent events
  • Subtract ambient signals
  • Compare design versions
  • Frequency coverage 150 kHz – 8GHz (with selected options)
  • Sensitivity -135 dBm to 35 dBm (dependant upon spectrum analyser performance)
  • 1,218 (42 x 29) H field probes
  • Probe spacing 7.5mm giving resolution of 3.75mm
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Reduces test duration by 100 times
  • Design cycle time reduction of 50%

Application Notes