6330A Series High Speed DC Electronic Load

6330A Series High Speed DC Electronic Load

The Chroma Model 6330A series high speed DC electronic load improves CPU clock, baud rate, parser and added synchronic parallel functions for fast operation, which is ideal for auto test system integration to increase your manufacturing test throughput. Plugging the user selectable load modules into the system mainframe can also provide easy reconfiguration of the system for the future.

The Chroma 6330A family offers 8 types of modular loads with power ranging from 30 watts to 1200 watts, current from 0.5mA to 240A, and voltage measurement from 0.5mV to 500V. Each load is isolated and floating, programmable in dual current range and measuring voltage range, and capable of synchronizing with other modules for control operation. The load can be operated in constant current, constant voltage, and constant resistance.

With Synchronic parallel control capability, 6330A series loads allow users to parallel and synchronize more than one load together from an internal loading control signal. This feature provides synchronic dynamic loading test for multi-output power and high power test solution.

Real time measurement of voltage, current, is integrated into each 6330A load module using a 16-bit precision measurement circuit. The user can perform on line voltage measurement and adjustment, or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel.


Key Features

  • Output Rating:
    Power: 375VA – 3000VA
  • Voltage: 0-150V / 0-300V / Auto
  • Output distortion less than 0.3%, and peak repetitive current over 2.5 times for RMS current
  • High accuracy measurement for RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, frequency, power factor, and current crest factor
  • Built-in power factor correction circuit provides input power factor over 0.98 to meet IEC regulations
  • Programmable current limit
  • Built-in output isolation relays
  • EEPROM storage for user defined voltage and frequency combination for instant recall at anytime

Application Notes