AXOS8 Dips Test System

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AXOS8 Dips Test System

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The new AXOS8 expandable test system integrates all of the best features of several stand alone test systems into one single economic solution.

It can be individually combined either with 7 kV Surge Combination Wave, 7 kV Ring Wave, 7 kV Telecom Wave*, 5 kV EFT/Burst or Dips & Interrupts, along with an integrated singlephase coupling / decoupling network. This allows quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, ITU, IEEE and UL standards.

The AXOS8 can either be operated via front panel by large colour graphic interface or remotely from the PC. The easy to use menu together with the availability of predefined test routines for different standards makes testing easy and reliable, even for less frequently users. Numerous additional functions such as external start/stop function allows easy integration of the test system also in customer specific test environments.

All the test parameters can be varied in a broad range wide above the requirements of the standards. Together with the ability of changing test parameters during test, AXOS8 is not only the ideal product for compliance and pre-compliance testing, it is useful for monitoring & debugging function during design phase as well.

A wide range of cost-efficient and user friendly coupling / decoupling networks for power lines as well as for symmetrical and asymmetrical data- and signal lines are available as options.

Key Features

  • Easy to operate with manual and
    automated test modes, software assisted
    test preparation, pre-defined
    test routines and visual aided test
  • Economic & Efficient
    Touch screen guarantees reduction
    of time and effort - Experience and
    know-how at a reasonable price
  • Safe and reliable operation by using
    safety interlock, warning lamp and
    emergency stop functions
  • Voltage and current monitoring of
    surge impulses and EUT power
    provides valuable feedback to the
    test engineer
  • Automatic generation of test report,
    including test parameters, test setup
    and test result

Application Notes