Hioki 3157 AC Grounding HiTester

Hioki 3157 AC Grounding HiTester

The Hioki 3157 AC Grounding HiTester is an AC ground bond tester designed for protection circuit testing of a wide range of electrical equipment. Some of its key features include compliance with international safety standards and laws, constant-current testing with feedback control, a soft-start function, and a fluorescent tube display 1.

It has a current setting range of 3.0 A to 31.0 A AC (0.1 A resolution), into 0.1Ω load, and a maximum output power of 130 VA (at output terminals) 2. Its resistance measurement range is 0 to 1.800 Ω (0.001 Ω resolution), with an accuracy of ±2% rdg. ±4 dgt. after zero-adjust

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Basic functions AC 4-terminal method resistance measurement
Display Fluorescent tube (digital display)
Current setting range 3.0 A to 31.0 A AC (0.1 A resolution), into 0.1 Ω load
Max. output power 130 VA (at output terminals)
Open-terminal voltage Max. 6 V AC
Generator frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz sine wave (selectable)
Resistance measurement 0 to 1.800 Ω (0.001 Ω resolution), Accuracy: ±2% rdg. ±4 dgt. after zero-adjust
Voltage measurement 0 to 6.00 V AC (single range 0.01 V resolution), Accuracy: (1 % rdg. +5 dgt.)
Monitor section 0 to 35.0 A AC/ 0 to 6 V AC, Refresh rate: 2 times/s
Timer display Counts down time after start until preset time, Shows elapsed time after start
Timer setting 0.5 s to 999 s
Comparator PASS/FAIL evaluation using preset upper/lower limit, buzzer sound, signal output
Memory function Max. 20 settings (with save/load)
Interfaces EXT I/O, EXT SW, GP-IB or RS-232C (option)
Power supply 100 to 120 V/200 to 240 V AC (switching, 50/60 Hz)
Dimensions and mass 320 mm (12.60 in)W × 90 mm (3.54 in)H × 263 mm (10.35 in)D, 7 kg (246.9 oz)
Accessories Power cord ×1, Instruction Manual ×1, Spare fuse (inlet) ×1, Shorting bar ×2


Key Features

  • Easily perform protective continuity testing in compliance with international safety standards and laws
  • Protective continuity resistance measurement for medical devices and general electrical devices
  • Ground connectivity testing when installing electrical machine tools and distribution panels
  • Testing of protective grounding and isopotential grounding work for medical equipment
  • Evaluation of contact status using large currents
  • Feedback control system that is capable of applying a stable current even with a fluctuating load
  • Soft-start function that checks the connection to the device under test before applying the current

Application Notes