Chroma 19200 Electrical Safety Test Scanner

Chroma 19200 Electrical Safety Test Scanner

The Chroma 19200 can perform high / low voltage switch and scan all safety tests by EST Analyser (Chroma 19032) inputs such as withstanding test; Some modules support 20A for Leakage Current test and Function Test; GB & GBF modules support 40A and Ground Floating.

The Chroma 19200 can be installed in the Chroma 8900 electrical equipment ATS for testing DUTs which needs multiple procedures such as medical equipment, medical power, UPS, motor, etc.,

The ATS can save the manpower cost , reduce mistakes and provide data management to improve quality and efficiency.

Removable and Master/Slave design

Because different products have different requirements and test procedures, the Chroma 19200 offers different scanning modules for combinations. These modules are: AC LINE module, GENERAL module, AC LINE2 module. EARTH module, GB&GBF module and SWITCH module.

High / Low voltage circuit insulation

Most products have to have Electrical Safety Tests (high voltage) and Function Tests (low voltage). The Chroma 19200 supports high and low voltage isolation by a SWITCH module. User can combine high and low voltage tests like LCR measurement, power performance and function test for one sequence in one station and data collecting.


Key Features

  • Support Electrical Safety Test Scanning
  • Support High / Low voltage circuit insulation (Switch module)
  • Support 8 slots for plug-in (removable)
  • Max. 9 slaves for multiple scanners (master/slave interface)
  • Standard RS-232 and USB interface
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • 19200 can be installed in Chroma Electrical Equipment ATS model 8900

Application Notes



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