Chroma 19032/19032-P Electrical Safety Analyser

Chroma 19032/19032-P Electrical Safety Analyser

The Chroma 19032 /19032-P is a 5 in 1 Production Safety Analyzer. It can perform AC/DC Hipot, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and dynamic leakage current.

The dynamic leakage current scan device (A190305/A190307) can be connected externally or built in to 19032 Series. It is capable of measuring the complicated safety requirements and has an easy installation and simple operation.

Model 19032/19032-P has Twin-PortTM and OSC functions to significantly reduce the test time ; along with the super large screen display and intelligent operation mode, 19032 is the single most  powerful instrument for automatic safety testing.


Key Features

  • Floating Output Design meet EN50191 (19032-P)
  • 500VA Power Rating (19032-P)
  • Five instruments in one: AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond and Leakage Current (Option)
  • Twin-PortTM function (Patent)
  • Programmable output voltage to 5kV AC and 6kV DC
  • Insulation resistance to 50G/1000V DC
  • Ground bond up to 30A (Option up to 40A / 60A)
  • Open/Short check(OSC)
  • ARC detection (Flashover)
  • Storage of 50 Tests Setups with 100 Steps per setup
  • Standard RS-232 Interface
  • Standard GB Offset KIT, SCANNER Interface