AMS-5700 Compact 5G Antenna Measurement System

AMS-5700 Compact 5G Antenna Measurement System

High-Performance 5G Testing for Antennas

The AMS-5700 is a compact and powerful antenna measurement system optimized for 5G mmWave wireless devices. It covers the full FR2 frequency range of 24 to 50 GHz and can test antennas from 5 to 50 GHz, providing a far-field environment for design validation, pre-certification, and production testing needs.

Versatile and Efficient Testing

The AMS-5700 supports passive antenna testing for portable wireless devices and can upgrade for active antenna measurements. It excels at single-axis performance measurements for all antennas, including those without antenna feed ports.

Ideal for Various Use Cases

The AMS-5700 is suitable for manufacturing and quality assurance, receiver and transmitter calibration, fixed beam 2D measurements, chipset or system design validation, and general FR2 R&D. Its parameterized test methods enable comprehensive passive antenna performance measurement.

Intuitive Data Acquisition and Analysis

The AMS-5700 uses the EMQuest EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software for data acquisition and analysis. EMQ-100 offers a range of test methods for passive antenna performance, while active radiated performance for all 5G technology variants is its forte.

Portable and Easy to Use

The AMS-5700 is a desktop unit that fits through standard doors and most elevators, and its cart enables mobility across different groups and applications. It supports antenna array sizes up to 7.8 cm at 24 GHz and 5.8 cm at 44 GHz.


Key Features

  • RF-Shielded Test Environment
  • Dual Polarized Antenna
  • 1m (39.4 in) Range Length
  • Laser Alignment
  • Single Axis Positioner
    • 0.03o¬†Accuracy
    • 0.01 Resolution
    • Power, RF, and USB Slip Ring
  • Supports Passive Testing in CW Mode
  • Tests Fully-Modulated Signals

Application Notes