3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie

3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie

Frequency Range: 80 MHz – 6 GHz The Model 3149 BiConiLog Antenna is the latest addition to a family of hybrid antennas for EMC measurement from ETS-Lindgren. The 3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (Biconilog) Antenna has an ultra-broadband frequency range, accepts high power input, and is size-efficient for easy transport and use in compact chambers. Rugged construction assures dimensional and electrical stability over extended use. The Model 3149 accepts up to 750 W of continuous power input at its lower frequencies of operation. The antenna’s high gain and low VSWR over its operating frequency translates into efficient amplifier use for field generation. Contrary to most biconical/log periodic hybrid antennas, the Model 3149 has a relatively low VSWR at its lowest frequency of operation, allowing about half the power to be radiated by the antenna. Antenna performance can be degraded by cross polarization of horizontal and vertical signals.  Cross polarization rejection in the Model 3149 exceeds 20 dB, making this antenna one of the few antennas that are compliant for CISPR 16-1 measurements. Electrical Specifications

Frequency Minimum 80 MHz
Frequency Maximum 6 GHz
Impedance (Nominal) 50 Ω
Maximum Continuous Power/Frequency 750 W/80MHz
Pattern Type directional
Polarization linear
VSWR 6.5:1 max*

Key Features

  • 750 W Max Continuous Power Input
  • Meets CISPR Cross Polarization Requirements.
  • On-Axis Antenna Polarization
  • Ultra Broadband: 80 MHz -6 GHz
  • Compact Size
  • Tough Powder Coat Finish

Application Notes