Terms Of Sale

  1. General – Acceptance of this tender/quotation includes the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
  2. Validity – Unless previously withdrawn, this quotation is open for acceptance within thirty days of the date heron, and is subject to confirmation at the time of such acceptance.
  3. Prices – Prices quoted include delivery to addresses in the UK unless otherwise stated, the method of transport being at our option. Prices quoted for overseas shipment are FOB United Kingdom Port.  Unless shown on this quotation, no discount of any kind is allowable, the prices quoted being strictly net.  The price quoted is based on the costs of goods, labour (where applicable), freight and import duties at the date of the tender/quotation.
  4. Delivery – We will use our best endeavours to deliver the goods on the date specified but in no circumstances shall we be liable for any delay in delivery.
  5. Packing – Where crates and valuable cases are used for packing goods delivered outside of the UK they will be charged extra and credited upon return in good condition, carriage paid, to our works.
  6. Cancellation – Cancellation of an order accepted on the basis of this quotation can only be made by mutual consent and on terms which indemnify us against all loss.
  7. Modification – Changes at the customer’s request in the specification of the goods to be supplied can only be made with our agreement and may at our discretion, render the quoted price subject to variation.
  8. Damage Or Loss In Transit – No liability is accepted for damage, loss or delay in transit, other than where transport has been arranged by ourselves. Where the price includes delivery to the customer’s premises or to an address given by the customer, liability for damage, loss or delay in transit will only be accepted if notice in writing is given within three days of receipt of the goods to both the carriers and ourselves.  The packing and contents notes should be retained for inspection by Carrier inspectors.
  9. Forwarding Instructions – Forwarding instructions are required within seven days of our advice to the customer that the goods are ready for despatch. If forwarding instructions are not received within this period, we reserve the rights to make a charge for storage.
  10. Payment – Payment for approved accounts shall be net 30 days after delivery unless otherwise stated and agreed. Two satisfactory references are required for initial orders or payment will be requested against pro-forma invoice. It is a condition of all sales that goods supplied remain the property of MDL Technologies Limited until payment is received in full. Title of the goods may not be given, transferred or in any other way disposed of either individually or as part of other equipment until all and every invoice for the parts or equipment is settled. For large systems/projects the customer may be required to submit staged payments, which would be agreed by both parties prior to the order being placed. In this case, goods to the value of the outstanding balance will remain the property of MDL Technologies Limited until such time as payment is received in full. Should the customer breech the contract and agreed payment terms, MDL Technologies reserve the right to recover goods to the value of the outstanding balance at the time of dispute.
  11. Guarantee – All statutory common law and customary implied conditions and warranties are hereby expressly excluded. Subject to the foregoing in the case of goods of our own manufacture, we are prepared to replace or repair free of charge any components or parts of any goods supplied which fall within twelve months of the date of despatch, solely as a result of faulty materials or bad workmanship.  Such defective components or parts must be returned to our factory, carriage paid and any labour costs involved in referring into an equipment will be chargeable to the customer if the fault is found to be outside of the warranty conditions.  In the case of goods or components such as travelling wave tubes not of our manufacture, any guarantee shall be limited to that given to us in respect thereof by the manufacturer / supplier of the goods.  In no circumstances shall we be liable for any loss or damage consequent upon any of the goods being defective and our liability is limited to the free replacement referred to above.  This guarantee expressly excludes all software.
  12. Importation – Where goods have to be imported by MDL Technologies Limited into the UK to fulfil this order, we reserve the right to amend our prices to cover any variation in import duty, tax or exchange rates of the pound sterling and the currency of the exporting country after the quoted validity period expires, unless an order has been placed.
  13. Legal Construction – Contracts shall in all respect be construed and operate as an English Contract and in conformity with English Law, and unless otherwise arrange to be subject to the Jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  14. Taxes – Prices do not include Value Added Tax, which on deliveries within the United Kingdom will be in accordance with the legal requirement at the time.