Streamline Data Centre UPS Battery Maintenance with the Hioki BT3554

For data centre engineers looking to measure the internal resistance and battery voltage of lead-acid batteries supporting UPS back-up power systems, Hioki’s BT3554 Battery Tester provides a quick, simple and feature-rich solution for helping to streamline engineer workflow.

The BT3554 series of portable battery tester is capable of helping to evaluate battery deterioration without having to disconnect or isolate the batteries and sets the standard for assessing the remaining life of UPS and other lead-acid batteries by giving a complete diagnosis via battery resistance testing.

There is a direct correlation between the internal resistance and the discharge capacity of the battery. Data centre engineers can therefore manage the UPS battery system by identifying and recording each battery’s voltage and resistance over time.

The BT3554 can store multiple reference values that can be set as limits to accommodate the many different impedance levels of UPS batteries. These limits are used to compare with the actual impedance and flag a warning or fail status.

Separate profiles can be assigned in the B3554 for different UPS measurement sites, noting battery set locations and UPS, the number of batteries in the set and storage IDs. The measurements taken are then directly linked to the location and battery identity reducing time and the opportunity of error collating the data.

The BT3554 is also compatible with the Hioki Gennect Cross app, linking via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet. Users can then select the relevant profile from the software, and assign a threshold for the voltage and resistance measurement. Once the measurements on the bank of batteries is started, the meter automatically triggers when contact is made with the battery. The mobile device can advise users of a pass/fail and then provide a prompt to move to the next battery in the sequence.

The engineer does not need to refer to the BT3554 display or mobile device during testing. Upon completion, a report can be generated instantly using the profile information and collated test data.

Similarly, with the Gennect One PC app, profiles can be created and loaded onto the BT3554 via USB. The battery tester is then used as a stand-alone device with the measurement sequence and measurement results displayed on the tester’s built-in display. Once the testing is complete, users can reconnect the BT3554 to their PC for instant generation of a report using the profile information and test data.

The Hioki BT3554 series of battery testers can streamline battery maintenance processes by speeding up testing, organising and collating multiple battery test results. With results delivered in as little as 2 seconds and the automatic saving of test results, engineers typically report a 60% reduction in testing times compared to using legacy Hioki products. Screen and audio guidance simplifies the measurement process and data is easily transferred to user’s smartphone, tablet or PC via available software.

Hioki BT3554 Key Features

  • Battery measurement can be performed while the battery is connected to its host device, without taking it offline
  • Instantaneously diagnose battery degradation (PASS, WARNING, FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage
  • Noise reduction technology improves noise resistance
  • A new protector delivers better ergonomic hold and durability during use in the field

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