Hioki U8979 Charge Unit

Hioki U8979 Charge Unit

The Hioki U8979 Charge Unit is a versatile and reliable tool designed to provide high-precision measurements of acceleration and voltage signals. With its unique dual-input module, this unit can accommodate both charge input terminals for piezoelectric type acceleration pickups and isolated 2-channel input for general voltage signals.

Equipped with a constant current source for driving preamplifiers, the U8979 can also measure acceleration pickups with built-in preamplifiers directly through its BNC terminal. It features a maximum rated voltage to ground of 30V AC or 60V DC, making it safe and reliable for a wide range of applications.

This Charge Unit is ideal for use with charge-output type and voltage-output type acceleration sensors, including those affixed to the chassis of motors or other equipment. When connected to the U8979, these sensors can measure vibrations being transferred to the chassis, allowing for precise frequency analysis of torque and vibration signals.

One of the key features of the Hioki U8979 Charge Unit is its TEDS compatibility. This technology allows the unit to automatically set the sensitivity of the sensor with a single touch, making it easy to use even for those without extensive technical expertise.

With its high-resolution 16-bit A/D converter and anti-aliasing filter essential for FFT analysis, the U8979 delivers accurate and reliable measurements every time. Whether you’re a researcher, engineer, or technician, this Charge Unit is a valuable tool for any application that requires precise measurement of acceleration and voltage signals.

Key Features

  • Charge input terminal for piezoelectric type acceleration pickup
  • Isolated 2 channel input
  • Max. rated voltage to ground: 30 V AC or 60 V DC
  • Acceleration pickup with built-in preamplifier can also be directly input (BNC terminal)
  • Equipped with constant current source for driving preamplifier
  • Even measure general voltage signals with high, 16-bit A/D resolution
  • Equipped with anti-aliasing filter essential for FFT analysis
  • TEDS compatible, automatic sensitivity setting

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