51101/51101C Series Thermal/Multi Function DataLog

51101/51101C Series Thermal/Multi Function DataLog

It is a general requirement to record temperatures, voltages, currents, and many physical quantities during research, product development, production, and quality assurance processes. The number of recorded channels can be from one to several hundred.

Thermal/multi-function data loggers are the perfect solutions for these measurement and tracking needs.

Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers measure temperatures, voltages, and currents with high accuracy and resolutions. For example, they support 8 types of thermal couple measurement with ITS-90 defined temperature range at 0.3˚C accuracy and 0.01˚C resolution*, while most data loggers in the market are at 1 ˚C accuracy and 0.1˚C resolution*. Chroma loggers have 1000VDC channel to channel isolation, which means they can attach thermal couples to objects with high potential, such as batteries, solar cells, working PCB, etc., and still get correct data.

Data retrieved in Chroma loggers are in a parallel architecture, while most competitors use a sequential multiplexing method. This means the data rate per channel is quick and constant for Chroma loggers, whilst competitor units become much slower when the number of channels is larger.

Using Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers, customers get confidence in measured data and high Performance/Cost ratio. Most of all, we can help in certain cases where our competitors fail, and only Chroma succeeds.


Key Features

  • Models with 1, 8, and 64 channels on-line data recording. Multi-sets linked to a PC for hundreds of channels capability
  • Support B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type thermal couples with ITS-90 defined temperature range
  • Individual channel cold junction compensation with <±0.3˚C accuracy
  • Temperature resolution up to 0.01˚C, error down to (0.01% of reading+0.3˚C)
  • Voltage full range ±480VDC, resolution 1mV,error down to (0.1% of reading+1mV)
  • 1000VDC channel to channel isolation, full protection for testing points with charge and  a guarantee for accurate measurements
  • Thermal couple open circuit detection
  • PC-based operation with powerful software for recording and analyzing data
  • 1 and 8 channel models are USB powered. No battery or external power supply is required

Application Notes