AMS-8800 Antenna Measurement System

AMS-8800 Antenna Measurement System

ETS-Lindgren’s Model AMS-8800 Theta Arm Antenna Measurement System is the newest addition to our AMS-8000 series of antenna measurement systems. This model is ideally suited for automated measurement of antenna performance of wireless devices, and devices with embedded wireless functions.

The AMS-8800 includes a distributed axis positioning system consisting of an azimuth rotator for rotating the DUT about the phi axis, and a separate theta arm position for elevating the measurement antenna around the DUT.

The scanning assembly uses a dual polarized quad-ridged horn antenna mounted on the theta scanning arm. The arm moves in an arc over a low dielectric foam column that supports the DUT. The entire scanning mechanism is housed inside of an anechoic lined chamber that provides RF isolation and a near-freespace environment. ETS-Lindgren’s EMQuest™ EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software provides test automation, post processing, and tabular/graphical data output.

The theta rotational arm scanning system provides a quick, convenient and accurate test method for wireless devices. It is a good choice for larger, heavier DUTs, especially those which may be gravity dependent.

The dual polarized quad-ridged antenna in the theta arm provides broadband measurement in both polarizations. The standard frequency range is 700 MHz – 10 GHz. Options are available to increase the frequency range.


Key Features

  • Turnkey Systems Available for Over-The-Air Testing per CTIA™, Wi-Fi™, and WiMAX™ RPT Test Specifications
  • Theta Arm Spherical Scanning System
  • Dual Polarized Measurement Antenna
  • 700 MHz – 10 GHz Frequency Range (Upgradable to Higher Frequencies with Optional Antennas)
  • CTIA Over-The-Air Performance Testing
  • Wi-Fi Over-The-Air Performance Testing
  • WiMAX Forum™ RPT Testing
  • Antenna Pattern Measurement for Design and Development

Application Notes