AMS-7000 Wireless OTA Reverb Test System

AMS-7000 Wireless OTA Reverb Test System

ETS-LINDGREN’S AMS-7000 Wireless OTA Reverb Test System is designed to perform accurate and repeatable SISO TRP, TIS and Throughput measurements. The system is based on the company’s long-standing line of SMART™ reverberation chambers, and proven EMQuest™ antenna measurement automation software.

TRP measurements made in a reverb chamber rely on a continuous sampling of the average power density in an over-moded environment, while the DUT is transmitting at its full power. The accuracy with which the average power can be measured, directly correlates with the number of independent samples that are available to be taken.

The TIS measurement is the converse of TRP: the power density in the chamber is controlled for the downlink path by the communication tester. The DUT responds to samples of this environment as it moved to a series of different locations in the varying modal environment. The TIS value is then derived from the reported data validity threshold after chamber corrections are applied.

The AMS-7000 uses two Z fold tuners, a DUT turntable, and a measurement antenna turret to improve isotropicity and homogeneity. These features allow the system to make measurements at different speeds and levels of accuracy.

MIMO throughput is ultimately a measure of the ability of the DUT to maximize its data throughput under different controlled environmental multipath conditions. The reverb chamber is already a multipath environment with path lengths limited by the chamber dimensions, exhibiting a signal decay profile dependent on the loss in the chamber.

Technical Specifications

Model Antenna Frequency Range Path Length Positioners Shield Performance Shield Material
AMS-7000 700 MHz to 18 GHz Various Multipath DUT Turntable x 1
Z Fold Turner x 2
Antenna Turret x 1
> 100 dB 700 MHz to 18 GHz Aluminum


Physical Specifications

  Length Width Height Weight (Normal)
Test Volume 0.9 m
35.4 in
0.9 m
35.4 in
0.6 m
23.6 in
Outside Dimensions 2.2. m
83.6 in
1.5 m
61.1 in
2.1 m
82.7 in
500.0 kg
1100.0 lbs
Chamber Dimensions 2.1 m
81.7 in
1.3 m
50.2 in
1.6 m
63.9 in


Key Features

  • SISO TRP, TIS and Throughput Measurements
  • MIMO Throughput Measurements
  • Direct Correlation to CATL Lab Results
  • Faster Test Times
  • Operates with EMQuest™ Software
  • Freestanding Moveable Cart Configuration

Application Notes