ETS-Lindgren AMS-5703 5G CATR Antenna Measurement System

ETS-Lindgren AMS-5703 5G CATR Antenna Measurement System

The AMS-5703 CATR is a 3D measurement system that tests 5G FR2 mmWave wireless devices over a frequency range of 24-43.5 GHz. It’s ideal for 3rd party labs that need flexibility in testing small mobile arrays or large arrays on gNodeB base-stations.

The system is recommended for 3GPP and 5G conformance and performance testing, including EIRP, TRP, EIS, TIS, and radio interoperability. It’s highly flexible, with or without antenna feed ports, making it an excellent choice for those seeking flexibility.

To analyze the data acquired from the testing, the AMS-5703 leverages ETS-Lindgren’s EMQuest EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software. The software seamlessly pulls together hardware components to create a robust test solution. It offers a wide range of fully parameterized test methods for measuring passive antenna performance. Additionally, it excels in active radiated performance for all 5G technology variants, from mmWave radios to Massive MIMO base stations. EMQuest EMQ-100 provides the flexibility to meet all testing needs, whether designing stand-alone antennas or testing embedded antenna systems and radio modules against industry-standard Over-the-Air (OTA) radiated performance test requirements.

Key Features

  • Indirect Far-Field (IFF) system utilizing Compact Range Reflector system
  • Maximum Array support up to 60 cm diameter
  • Link budget optimization
  • Supports Passive Testing in CW Mode
  • Tests Fully-Modulated Signals
  • Ideal for 3rd party test labs and large device testing e.g gNodeB testing
  • Dual polarized feed antenna

Application Notes