Model 8000 Wireless Power Transfer ATS

Model 8000 Wireless Power Transfer ATS

Specifically designed for EV Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) verification, the system comprises a Chroma 8000 ATS and a WPT testing platform. Optimized Test Items:

  • WPT Input/ Output test
  • WPT Line Regulation Test
  • WPT Load Regulation Test
  • WPT Fin Ramp Shut Down Test
  • WPT Fin Ramp Start Up Test
  • WPT Vin Ramp Shut Down Test
  • WPT Vin Ramp Start Up Test
  • X axis Offset Efficiency
  • Y axis Offset Efficiency
  • Z gap Offset Efficiency
  • WPT Short Circuit Protection Test
  • WPT OVP Test
  • WPT Over Load Protection Test
  • Harmonic Distortion Immunity Test
  • Voltage Dips, Interruptions, and Variations Immunity Test

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