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The 66205 is the 2nd generation of the 66200 series power meter designed specifically for single channel measurement. Its state of art design is capable of providing highly accurate power measurements to meet the requirements of IEC 62301/EN50564 standards. Functionality improvements of the 66205 increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications.

The Smart Range function is one of the most important new features added to the 66205 power meter. Smart Range allows the power integration mode to perform active power measurements with the measurement range in auto mode. Chroma’s proprietary design automatically selects the appropriate range,
based on changes in sensed voltage and current, ensures the best accuracy when integrating the measurements over time.

The 66205 provides 10 selectable current measurement ranges from 5mA up to 30A. External sensor options A662017~A662020 are available to increase the current measurement range. Six selectable voltage ranges are available up to 600V. External sensor option A662012 can be used to increase the voltage measurement range to 1.2kV.

The 66205 provides a low range error up to 0.05% and is capable of meeting the measurement uncertainty requirement of IEC 62301/EN50564.
66205 power meter is designed to comply with IEC 61000-4-7. Continuous high performance harmonic measurement, with 5Hz frequency resolution and a packet harmonic function, it can accurately measure sub-harmonics , inter-harmonics and harmonics.

Key Features

  • Voltage Ranges: 15/30/60/150/300/600 Vrms; 1200Vrms (optional)
  • Current Ranges : 0.005/0.02/0.05/0.2/0.3/0.5/2/5/20/30 Arms
  • Frequency Range : DC, 15Hz~10kHz
  • Embedded high speed DSP, 16 bits Analog/Digital converters with max sampling rate up to 250kHz
  • Capable of meeting the IEC 61000-4-7 harmonics measurement requirements
  • Smart Range function provides seamless power integration measurement under auto range mode
  • Supports external shunt and CT for higher current applications
  • 5 mA minimum current range & 0.1mW power resolution
  • Meets ENERGY STAR /EN 50564/IEC 62301/ErP requirements
  • User-define criteria provides automatic PASS/FAIL indications
  • THD and user-specify order distortion measurement
  • Inrush current and energy measurements
  • Voltage/ Current harmonics measurements up to 100 orders
  • USB (Host) interface provides data logging functionality
  • Supports GPIB, USB, RS232, LAN (option) interface

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