62000D Series BIDIRECTIONAL DC Power Supply

Product enquiry for 62000D Series BIDIRECTIONAL DC Power Supply

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Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies provide both power source and load characteristics. These two quadrant power supplies allow power from the DUT to be feedback to the utility grid and so are ideal for testing renewable energy power systems such as PV, storage and EV inverters as well as a wide range of  bidirectional power conversion systems (PCS) and may also be used as a battery simulator. 62000D has applications in testing power components in electric vehicles as well as bidirectional DC converter,  DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests of Li-On batteries in both charge and discharge directions.

Key Features

  • Voltage rating: 0 ~ 100V/600V/1200V/1800V
  • Current rating: 0 ~ 540A
  • Power Rating: 6kW/12kW/18kW
  •  Two quadrant operation: source and load functions
  •  High power density: 18kW in 3U
  •  Easy master/slave parallel &series operation up to 180kW
  •  Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
  • Auto sequencing programming
  • Standard USB/LAN/APG interfaces, optional CAN/GPIB interfaces

Application Notes