L1-150M Single Phase LISN

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The single-phase V-network PMM’s Artificial Mains Network L1-150M, with an equivalent circuit of 50 ohm // (1ohm + 5uH), meets the requirements of:
– CISPR 16-1-2 Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus – Ancillary equipment – Conducted disturbances;
– CISPR 25 Radio disturbance characteristics for the protection of receivers used on board vehicles, boats, and on devices;
– ISO 11452-4 Road vehicles – Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic Energy – Bulk current injection;
– ISO 7637-2 Road vehicles – Electrical disturbances from conduction along supply lines only.
L1-150M is suited to perform measurements on conducted interference in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 200 MHz on both AC or DC power supplied equipment.Designed according to criteria of cheaply and compactness it can be used together with 9010 System for Conducted Interference or any other RF receiver.

Key Features

• Multi-standard: ISO 7637-2, ISO 11452-2, ISO 11452-4, ISO 11452-5, CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 25, MIL-STD-461F, DO-160, ED-14G
• Frequency range: 100 kHz to 200 MHz
• Continuous rated output current: 100 A
• Maximum output current (up to Ta=45°C): 150 A,
• Max permissible operating voltages: DC 600 Volt; AC 250 Volt
• AC supply frequency range: 0 to 440 Hz
• Equivalent circuit: 50 ohm // (1ohm + 5uH)
• RF output: N female
• EUT Connector: screw terminal M10
• Power supply connector: screw terminal M10

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