HI-3604 ELF Survey Meter

HI-3604 ELF Survey Meter

Frequency Range: 30 Hz – 2000 Hz

The HI-3604 ELF Survey Meter is designed to evaluate both electric and magnetic fields associated with 50/60Hz power lines, line-powered equipment and appliances.

The HI-3604 Low Frequency Survey Meter provides the engineer, industrial hygienist and health and safety professional with a sophisticated tool for accurate investigation of power frequency environments.

The custom LCD display indicates electric fields in volts/meter and magnetic fields in gauss, tesla, or amperes/meter units. A bar-graph analogue indicator aids in quickly locating maximum field orientations and “hot spots”. Full auto-ranging and a sealed membrane switch control panel make the HI-3604 ELF Survey probe ideal for field surveys. The on-board data logging feature allows up to 112 readings to be saved in internal memory storage.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Response (Nominal) 30 – 2000 Hz
Sensitivity, Electric Field 1 V/m – 200 kV/m
Sensitivity, Magnetic Field 0.2 mG – 20 G


Key Features

  • Measures both Electric and Magnetic fields
  • Electric fields up to 200 kV/m
  • Magnetic fields up to 20 G
  • Electricity supply industry applications

Application Notes