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Frequency Range: 9 kHz – 3 GHz, 6 GHz or 18 GHz

The R&S FSL is an extremely lightweight and compact spectrum analyzer for cost-conscious users who want the functionality of high-end instruments. The analyzer is ideal for a large number of applications in development, service and production.

Evaluation of broadband signals:
Its widest-in-class I/Q demodulation bandwidth of 20/28 MHz allows engineers to measure broadband wireless signals using I/Q data.

Insertion loss measurements:
The tracking generator models of the R&S FSL enable the analysis of insertion loss and bandwidth filter measurements

Power measurement option:
The R&S FSL-K9 option expands the spectrum analyzer to a high-precision RF power meter when used with the R&S NRP-Zxx power sensors.

Interference analysis:
The spectrogram functionality of the R&S FSL-K14 option enables unattended signal monitoring, providing versatile interference analysis
WiMAX™ design and production
The R&S FSL provides demodulation capabilities for WiMAX™ signals in a design and production platform .

WLAN production testing:
The WLAN option creates the basis of a WLAN TX production tester at a very competitive price.

Microwave applications:
With its 9 kHz to 18 GHz frequency range, the R&S FSL18 is ideal for commercial as well as aerospace and defence applications both in the lab and in the field, e.g. for installing and maintaining radar systems and microwave links, for satellite monitoring and production of RF and microwave components.

Key Features

  • Cost-efficient spectrum analyzer with high-quality features
  • Frequency range 9 kHz to 3 GHz, 6 GHz or 18 GHz
  • Models with and without tracking generator
  • Best RF characteristics in its class
  • Wide I/Q demodulation bandwidth – up to 28 MHz
  • Support for WLAN and WiMAX™ testing
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Portable for field applications
  • Lightweight and compact for on-site installation, maintenance and service
  • Optional battery operation
  • Easy on-site upgrading with options

Application Notes