HI-3638 ELV/VLF Electric Field Meter

HI-3638 ELV/VLF Electric Field Meter

Frequency Range: 5 Hz – 400 kHz Meets Swedish MPR Band I and II Requirements. Full ELF and VLF capability to the Swedish MPR and the IEEE 1140 test requirements in a single meter makes low frequency electric field testing quick and simple. The HI-3638 sensor is fully isolated from the readout device (HI-4416 numeric handheld readout, HI-4460 Graphical Display or HI-4413P Optical Modem) by up to 300 meters of fibre optic cable. To assist users in automating the test session and analysing the test data, ProbeView  EMF Analysis Software can be used in conjunction with the HI-3638 when connected with either the HI-4413P. The instrument demonstrates wide applicability from industrial applications to environments such as near power transmission lines electricity sub-stations. Electrical Specifications

Accuracy ± 0.5 dB (at calibration frequencies)
Battery NiCad, approx.40 hours operation on full charge
Detection Single Axis
Dynamic Range 1.0 V/m - 40 kV/m (each band)
Frequency Response Band 1 (ELF): 5 - 2000 Hz Band II (VLF): 2 - 400 kHz
Response True RMS (Max crest factor < 3)

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range 5 Hz – 400 Khz (Band Switched)
  • Wide dynamic range 1.9 V/m – 40 kV/m
  • True RMS measurement
  • Fully isolated measurements
  • Remote sensing up to 100m

Application Notes