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Product Overview

R&S®ES-SCAN is a cost-efficient and user- friendly 32-bit Windows software application that has been specially designed for diagnostic EMI measurements in development. The main requirements of EMI measurements in accordance with commercial standards have been combined in an easy-to-use application: measurement settings and storage, scan and sweep data acquisition and display with automatic data reduction, peak search with acceptance limit and selection of subranges, final measurement with worst-case selection, report generation, and measurement data storage.

R&S®ES-SCAN offers all the advantages of a state-of-the-art software tool, including operation via keyboard and mouse, table editor, configurable report generation, and printout of reports on any Windows printer. An assistant (“Help Side Bar”) supports the user of the R&S®ES?SCAN EMI software at any stage of operation. Online help texts explain all software functions; an operating manual is therefore not required.


Key Features

  • Menu-controlled configuration of EMI test receiver or spectrum analyzer and storage of settings on controller, including limit lines and transducer factors
  • Reliable acquisition, evaluation, and documentation of measurement data
  • Graphical display of scan data with automatic data reduction
  • Marker function, including "Marker to Peak" and "Tune Receiver to Marker Frequency"
  • Automatic peak search with selectable acceptance limit and selectable subranges
  • Editable frequency list for automatic or interactive final measurements
  • "Fine Tuning" function for reliable detection of local disturbance maxima
  • Flexible configuration of report generation for different report layouts

Application Notes