Universal Spherical Dipole Source

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Frequency Range: 10 MHz

THE UNIVERSAL SPHERICAL DIPOLE SOURCE (USDS) is an instrument that helps you maintain the integrity of your test environment (chamber or OATS).

It does this by allowing you to create a radiated emissions profile that can be compared with other profiles made on a daily basis. Differences in profiles can indicate changes occurring in the test environment that may affect the accuracy and repeatability of test results. For example, deteriorating cable shielding or weakening chamber seals may go unnoticed, but result in a loss of measurement integrity. By taking daily measurements with the USDS and comparing profile results, these changes become known and can be investigated and corrected.

Test environments can be characterized using complex published methods, but the USDS provides a quick, convenient method that makes daily measurement practical and affordable.


  • Test Environment Characterization: The USDS can be used for assessment of semi-anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and enclosures, open area test sites, GTEMs, and complex RF test environments.
  • Site Comparisons: Companies with multiple labs will appreciate that the USDS can be used to make site-to-site comparison. Comparisons can all be made between different environment types, GTEM to chamber for example.
  • Shielding Effectiveness Testing: The compact 10 cm diameter of the radiating element allows the USDS to be used in small enclosures.

Key Features

  • Portable EMI Source for Quick Test Site Characterization and Site-to-Site Comparisons
  • Horizontal and Vertical Polarizations
  • Selectable Pulse Mode for Testing Quasi-Peak Detectors
  • 10 MHz - 10 GHz Frequency Range
  • Four Switch Selectable Fundamental Frequencies
    -- 10 MHz
    -- 64 MHz
    -- 100 MHz
    -- 133 MHz
  • Minimum Output Level of 35 dBuV/m Over Most Frequencies in Most Test Environments

Application Notes