58601 Laser Diode Characterization System

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Laser Diode Characterization System

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Product Overview

Burn-In, Reliability & Life Test
The Chroma 58601, is a high density, precision, multi SMU (Source- Measurement Unit) Module with temperature control and exchangeable interfaces. It has been developed for burn-in, reliability and life test of optoelectronic components including laser diodes, LEDs, OLEDs, photo-diodes and other similar components. Each module has up to 80 discrete SMUs which may be used as device drives, device biasing and/or measurement.

Current Sources
Five power levels are o­ffered where discrete SMUs are available to 5-amps and series device drives for 20-40-amp (preliminary) sources. Discrete voltage measurements are available for high current devices placed in series. Multiple current sources may also be paralleled (exchanging the conversion interface board) to support higher power devices.

Ultimate Flexibility
Chroma brings the Conversion Kit flexibility used in the semiconductor industry to optoelectronics. Through a Conversion Kit (conversion interface board & device carrier) the Chroma 58601 can be configured to other similar devices in minutes.

Key Features

  • For Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 800 channels
  • Up to 40A per device (preliminary)
  • Up to 150° C
  • Batch processing via device carriers
  • Conversion Kit Interface - change kit for adaption to multiple products

Application Notes