MAG 1000 Power Frequency Magnetic Field Test

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The MAG 1000 is a stand-alone solution to be used for EMC Tests requiring AC Magnetic Fields.
Power frequency magnetic fields are generated by AC current flowing in conductors. The normal 50/60Hz mains power cord is a good example, although currents with other frequencies may be present depending on the application.
Magnetic fields may interfere with equipment operating in close proximity. Typical EUTs are monitors of all kinds.
The MAG 1000 has a 1m x 1m square, 90 turn antenna. An internal power supply eliminates the need for an external power supply to the generator and a simple interface allows test parameters to be set easily.
Magnetic field strength is defined at the center of the coil with ±3dB variation. Magnetic field is orthogonal to the coil plane. Coil dimensions define the maximum EUT size as being 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.5m.
The MAG 1000 can be used for both vertical and horizontal plane testing by simply rotating the coil antenna in its mounting on the included stand. The MAG 1000 can be operated in both short duration tests and continuous testing which makes it an ideal stand-alone test system for IEC 61000-4-8 and others.


MAG 1000 Antenna with included Stand

50/60Hz selectable frequency
Internal power supply
1-3 sec short duration test time
1min – 8hr continuous test time

IEC 61000-4-8

EN 61000-6-1
EN 61000-6-2
All EN product standards and many other applications

Key Features

Continuous and short duration testing exactly as it specifies in IEC 61000-4-8
No external power supplies needed
Up to 1100A/m field strength
Sturdy construction
Horizontal and vertical testing possible
Manufactured according to ISO 9001


Application Notes