LRE Series Multiple Circuit Filters

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ETS-Lindgren’s LRE Series Multiple Circuit Filters are designed for moderate filtering requirements. These filters are typically used on mid-performance modular shielded rooms, screen rooms, or foil-lined rooms.

LRE filters are designed for two to four wire applications. Like all ETS-Lindgren power line Filters, LRE filters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed UL-1283 and/or MIL-f-15733, though none of these are UL Listed.

Optional mounting penetration hardware is available that allows for direct installation through a shielded wall.

Power factor correction coils are recommended for 400 Hz filters 30A or higher.

Key Features

    • High Performance: For Moderate Requirements
    • Dual or Multiple Lines
    • Maximum Voltage: 
      • 0 to 60 Hz: 277V to GND; 480V Line to Line
      • 0 to 400Hz: 125V to GND; 208V Line to Line
    • Frequency Range 150 kHz to 40 GHz
    • Insertion Loss: 100 dB

Application Notes