ProbeView™ II EMF Software

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The ETS-Lindgren ProbeView™ II software provides data gathering and viewing options for use with these ETS-Lindgren EMC Field Probes:

  • HI-60XX Series Field Probe
  • HI-44XX Series Field Probe
  • HI-3702 Induced Current Meter
  • HI-3638 Low Frequency Meter

ProbeView II provides real-time display, logging, and analysis of probe data. It displays a variety of test information, both numerically and graphically.

Required Components

HI-4413USB Fibre Optic to USB Converter or the HI-4413P Fibre Optic Modem

Key Features

  • Allows real time probe data plots
  • Individual axis and composite readings shown
  • Logging of data and playback facility
  • Logged data can be saved to Excel
  • Probe battery condition shown
  • Peak reading can selected

Application Notes