RFx Circular Polarization (CP) Option

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Circular Polarization

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With the Circular Polarization (CP) option, the RFxpert from EMSCAN calculates the right and left hand circularly polarized patterns and displays axial ratio patterns in sub-second.

The CP application will also calculate and display axial ratio patterns. Having access to both the left hand and right hand patterns can be used to identify the orientation of the circular polarization as well.

This feature will allow designers of circularly polarized antenna to characterize the effectiveness of their design in seconds.

RFxpert users can execute real-time analysis of their embedded antenna designs and test multiple design iterations, on the lab bench, in seconds at each stage of the design process. RFxpert also gives wireless engineers the freedom to do rapid prototyping and explore new designs, new materials and new forms.

With the RFxpert wireless engineers and designers won’t waste time waiting in congested anechoic chamber lines. They can optimize positioning and effects from layout, monitor changes from packaging or layout changes or verify performance of final product in real-time and then go to the chambers for final certification requirements with their mind at ease,

Key Features

  • Part number 3000-0300
  • Features RHCP and LHCP 3D patterns and 2D cuts
  • Axial Ratio 3D pattern and 2D cuts
  • Measurement time <1 sec to display patterns on screen
  • Frequency limits 700 MHz to 6 GHz

Application Notes