High Accuracy Polarisation/Roll Positioners

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accurate roll positioners test systems

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The ASYPOSROL is a state of the art positioner series based on technology sourced from the robotic and automotive industries. These are suitable for high accuracy antenna and RCS measurements for indoor and outdoor applications.

The volume occupied by the chassis is considerably lower when compared to other standard classical positioners with a considerable weight reduction.

Operational Specifications


Key Features

  • Rotary Joint 0-18GHz
  • Slip Ring Assembly
  • Control Cabling
  • User Cabling
  • Low backlash gearbox and built in drive electronics
  • Consistent repeatability
  • Modular hardware
  • CANOpen Communicaton bus
  • Built in standard absolute encoders
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Low EM scattering
  • Low weight

Application Notes



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