R&S ZVL Vector Network Analyzer

R&S ZVL Vector Network Analyzer

Product Overview The R&S ZVL is a compact, powerful, and future-proof vector network analyzer, and is therefore ideal for use in development, production, and service. It is the only instrument to combine the functions of a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and power meter in a single box, and will thus tremendously increase your work efficiency. The R&S ZVL is ideal for lab applications where the measurement tasks vary frequently; it can be used to measure S-parameters as well as the output spectrum, ACP, and TOI without having to reconnect the device under test (DUT). With the R&S ZVL, production lines can now be run even more flexibly, as the switchover from network analyzer to spectrum analyzer can easily be effected via remote control. Moreover, an NRP-Z power sensor, which can be directly connected to the R&S ZVL, ensures precise power measurements.   Model Selection

Vector Network Analyzer, 3 GHz R&S ZVL3
Vector Network Analyzer, 6 GHz R&S ZVL6
Vector Network Analyzer, 3 GHz, 75 ? R&S ZVL3-75

Key Features

  • Wide frequency range: 9 kHz to 3 GHz/6 GHz/13.6 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range: >115 dB, typ. 123 dB
  • Bidirectional test set: display of all four S-parameters
  • 75 W version from 9 kHz to 3 GHz for TV/CATV
  • Complete spectrum analyzer as an option
  • Digital communications standards
  • Accurate power measurement (USB connector for ¸NRP-Z power sensor series)
  • Compact size and low weight (<7 kg)
  • 12 V DC operation and internal battery
  • Connection for external monitor

Application Notes



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