MP6230C Single Channel GPS/GLONASS Simulator

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The ADIVIC MP6230 Single Channel GPS/GLONASS Simulator with its high accuracy (resolution within 0.1dB) output power, built-in highly stable 10.22MHz OCXO (GLONASS) and 10.23 MHz OCXO (GPS) provides the best signal quality for the testing requirements of R&D , QA and manufacturing line. DIVIC MP6230 incorporates an easy to use front-panel operation with all of the advantages of traditional instruments without the need for an external PC.

Applications include:

Testing of GPS products for quality/accuracy and receiver sensitivity.

Mobile phone GPS function test

Performance evaluation of receiver and module design

Verification of operational integrity of GPS receivers and module


Key Features

  • Selectable GPS/GLONASS Satellite Vehicle and Navigation Data
  • Adjustable RF levels from -85dBm to -145dBm in 0.1dB steps
  • Provides calibration output level from -25dBm to -85dBm
  • Embedded OCXO for accurate clock
  • Embedded Doppler function
  • Industry-leading stability, quality and reliability
  • Verifies operational integrity of GPS/GLONASS receivers quickly
  • Small form factor, easy to operate

Application Notes