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ETS-Lindgren’s FerroSorb™ FS-1500H is a numerically optimized hybrid that combines high performance carbon-loaded foam absorber with precision-manufactured ferrite tile designed specifically for use in 10 meter EMC chambers.

This ultra-broadband composite achieves superior levels of absorption and power-handling capability in a space-saving profile which is significantly less than the depth of traditional foam-only products.

FS-1500H is ETS-Lindgren’s top-of-the-line FerroSorb product. It is specifically designed to be a cost-effective solution for EMC chamber applications that call for very high performance requirements.

Chambers designed with FerroSorb FS-1500H will exceed the +/- 4 dB normalized site attenuation requirements specified in ANSI C63.4 and CISPR 16-1-14. With an optimized chamber design, site attenuation performance of +/- 3 dB deviation from theoretical normalized site attenuation is achievable. This results in improved measurement accuracy which can translate into significant savings by reducing a product’s EMI suppression costs. Other applications include IEC 61000-4-3 and MIL-STD 461E immunity testing.

Key Features

  • Non-Hygroscopic Substrate
  • 200 V/m Power Handling Capability
  • Ultra Broadband Frequency Range 30 MHz - 40 GHz
  • 10 m High Performance Chamber Applications
  • Greater Measurement Accuracy Reduces EMI Suppression Costs
  • Numerically Optimized Design Achieves Superior Performance
  • Fire Retardant
  • APPLICATIONS:  IEC 61000-4-3, ANSI C63.4, CISPR 16-1-4,MIL-STD 461

Application Notes