58221-200-2 LED Electrical Test Module

58221-200-2 LED Electrical Test Module

The Chroma 58221-200-2 is a module specially designed to test the electrical features of LEDs over their full range. It has all functions required for testing the LED electrical features. The 58221-200-2 supplies a high accuracy current source up to 200V/100mA for High voltage (HV) and up to 10V/2A for High Power (HP). Besides the standalone operation the 58222-200-2 is featured in, the USB interface and other integrated design can also be applied for synchronous measurement.

Key Features

  • Focused on High voltage (HV) and High Power (HP) LED application design
  • Hardware sequencer/ program memory/data memory built inside
  • Built-in timer for time delay in hardware
  • SCR test function on board: Current slope tuneable
  • Synchronization with tester

Application Notes



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