ASYPROB-SWG Rectangular Near-field Probes

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Near-field Probes

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These cost effective near-field probes are single standard rectangular waveguides with tapered ends for reduced probe-AUT interactions. Direct waveguide input for C and upper bands (for higher precision satellite and ground station antennas gain measurement) is available.

The ASYPROB-SWG series includes an SMA to waveguide transition, absorber, mounting flange and spirit level to allow the probe to be aligned as per calibration. The horns are manufactued with a 1200 Alodine finish (MIL-C 5541E class 3) and coated with OTAN green paint. Measured gain and return loss data is provided as standard.

Operational Specifications


Key Features

  • Low diffraction effect
  • Low loss and high efficiency
  • Standard ASYSOL circular interface
  • Waveguide input for standard waveguide bands
  • Light weight for ease of use

Application Notes



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