ASYSOFT Acquisition Transformation Analysis Software

ASYSOFT Acquisition Transformation Analysis Software

ASYSOFT is a user friendly suite for the management of antenna measurements tasks:

  1. Selection of the equipment
  2. Definition of the acquisition
  3. Acquisition itself
  4. Near to far field transformation (optional)
  5. Calculation of antenna parameters
  6. Representation of results


ASYSOFT can be upgraded with following ASYSOL transformation routines:

  • SNIFTD or ASY-EXPAND: ASYSOL Spherical near-to-far-field. ASY-EXPAND is the ASYSOFT Spherical Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Validated through extensive measurement campaigns. Accuracy as TICRA SNIFTD. Customizable Probe pattern and polarization correction
  • ASY-CNIFT: Cylindrical near-to-far-field. ASY-CNIFT is the ASYSOFT Cylindrical Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Developed for the Spanish Ministry of Defence and INDRA Sistemas Facilities for the measurement of primary and secondary RADAR antennas. Customizable Probe pattern and polarization correction.
  • ASY-PNIFT: Planar near-to-far-field. ASY-PNIFT is the ASYSOFT Planar Near-Field to Far Field Transformation routine. Heritage from LEHA-UPM and EADSCASA, Espacio Facilities, Customizable,Probe pattern and polarization correction.
  • ASY-SFIFT: Main patterns acquisition in Fresnel zone to main patterns far-field


Acquisition Module

ASYSOFT is a reliable software package allowing for rapid measurement continuity with the support of a friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface. Data security is preserved
by determining user access privileges and the ability of allowing multiple users to access measurement configurations and data files.


Analysis & Transformation Module

The analysis module forms an integral part of the ASYSOFT software package, allowing the user to analyse acquired data or perform various transformations. The module can be optionally installed on a different platform to allow for concurrent data acquisition and remote based analysis. The optional Near to Far-Field transformation module (planar, cylindrical or spherical) is integrated into the ASYSOFT software package within a modular way. It allows the use of external industry standard routines (SNIFTD and ROSCOE from TICRA) to guarantee the user full traceability during the measurement process.

Virtualisation Tool

The graphical representation module (a third party plug-in) is continually updated to match the increasing demands of the ASYSOFT software package throughout the lifecycle of the product and equips the end user with the very latest in data visualisation imagery. The module allows the user to graphically interpret acquired and transformed data.


Key Features

  • Compatible with most VNA: HP8510, HP8530, R&S ZVK and ZVA, Agilent PNA and PNA-X
  • Compatible with ASYCONT controllers
  • User can select the proper configuration (positioners, type of measurement, use of external elements)

Acquisition Module Features

  • Multiple languages supported
  • Parameter definition (measurement description, RF settings, measurement type and probe type)
  • Configuration of individual rotary and linear axes for a specific range layout
  • Selection of scan and increment axes (parameters, scan direction, stepped or continuous mode)
  • Configuration of different range layouts and connected instruments
  • Storing configurations and custom settings
  • Direct RF component set up (multipliers, harmonic mixers, etc.)
  • Real-time monitoring of acquired data with the ability to pause and save partial data set acquisition
  • Supports concatenated batch runs
  • AUT configuration by means of external user defined commands
  • Control of multi-port and reconfigurable antennas
  • Supports Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu RF instrumentation


Analysis & Transformation Module Features

  • Antenna pattern extraction
  • Gain calculation by substitution, two-antenna and three-antenna methods
  • Sidelobe, 3dB beam width, polarisation axial ratio and tilt angle
  • File creation and probe calibration for all Near-Field geometries
  • Sub-gridding correction for on-the-fly data acquisition
  • Data manipulation (re-arrange axes, merge and split data)
  • Pattern interpolation using either spherical-wave expansion or Fourier transform
  • Arbitrary pattern rotation using Euler angles
  • Far-Field pattern phase translation
  • Data normalisation and comparison
  • Calculation of co-polar and cross-polar linear and circular field components
  • Data export in various field components and data formats: ASCII, CSV, DIATOOL and custom


Visualisation Tool

  • 2D and 3D plots for measured and transformed data
  • Polar plots
  • Zooming capability
  • Overlay of user pre-defined masks
  • Display of main antenna parameters
  • Export to PNG, GIF, TIFF and JPG
  • Simultaneous display of multiple data plots

Application Notes