ASY-CONT-300-8 Series Motion Controller

ASY-CONT-300-8 Series Motion Controller

ASY-CONT-300-8 is a motion controller capable of displaying up to 8 axes and is specially designed to control up to 127 axes when grouped into different configurations in a typical antenna or RCS measurement system for accurate antenna and RCS measurements.

The ASY-CONT family of controllers form the core of a distributed control system, where each positioner has its own drive. ASYSOL controllers provide flexibility and support for a variety of motors and position feedback systems. Depending on the requirements, servo, stepper, DC, AC or linear motors of any power level may be used. A variety of incremental and absolute encoders as well as dual loop control are supported.

Remote system diagnostics are supported online and by Ethernet connection.

Full control can be obtained using the front panel, a PC, laptop or tablet.


  • Simultaneous movement of two or more axes
  • Correction tables can be included to improve the positioning accuracy of axes
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    Key Features

    • Based upon a modular architecture for ease of maintenance
    • Real-time distributed control system for motion and RF control
    • Fully compatible with ASYPOS positioner series and ASYSCAN scanner series
    • Communication bus: CANOpen
    • Manual control from the display
    • Supports a variety of motors and feedback systems
    • Trigger control
    • Supports timing of RF instruments
    • Language: English, Spanish and French
    • Serviceable and upgradable firmware remotely or by USB, subject to your PC running the necessary LAN development environment
    • Sequential axes control
    • Position mode: command an axis to achieve a precise position
    • Swept mode: command an axis to move at a constant velocity between two predefined points generating TTL pulses at periodic points
    • Manual mode: move an axis with the manual potentiometer located on the front of the controller

    Application Notes