3152 Dual Array of LPDA Antennas

3152 Dual Array of LPDA Antennas

Frequency Range: 200 MHz – 1000 MHz The ETS-Lindgren Model 3152 is a dual array of LPDA antennas based on the successful ETS-Lindgren Model 3148B with a 200 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range. The array arrangement provides an additional gain improvement of 3dB across the range, and a convenient space-saving design with the use of top hat-loaded, low-frequency elements. Both the 3151 and 3152 feature a convenient air polarization capability that reduces test time. Polarization occurs in a 90 degree arc at the rate of approximately 30 degrees per second. A customer supplied external source of compressed air at 410 - 550 kPa (4.1 bar - 5.5 bar or 60 psi - 80 psi) is required. Electrical Specifications

Frequency Minimum 200 MHz
Frequency Maximum 1000 MHz
Input Impedance 50 Ω
SWR 1.5:1 average, 2:1 maximum
Maximum RF input power 1 kW
RF Connector N Type

Key Features

  • Pneumatically Driven Polarization
  • 200 MHz to 1000 MHz Frequency Range
  • Ideal for Immunity Testing Per 2004/144/EC and ISO-11451-2
  • 1 kW Input Power Capability

Application Notes