3102 Conical Log Spiral Antenna

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Frequency Range: 1 GHz – 10 GHz

The Model 3102 Conical Log Spiral is made with spiral windings of coaxial cable attached to the outside of a fiberglass cone to improve heat dissipation. This cone is attached to a delrin rod equipped with an aluminium base. The antenna mount base accepts standard 1/4 in x 20 threads from a tripod.

Once used exclusively for MIL-STD and SAE testing, conical log spiral antennas are effective for other types of measurements too. For example they can be used for close-in “quick-looks” to find the spectral characteristics of RF emissions.

For immunity testing, conical log spirals generate reasonable field strengths with modest power input. By placing conical log spiral antennas in a vertical position with respect to the ground plane, they can also be used as omni-directional, horizontally polarized antennas for electromagnetic site surveys.